Our vision
A society where women have the rights to Equality (participation in decision making, access to and control of resources, benefit of development...) Dignity(worth, respect, rights...) Freedom (education, self defense, economic well being...) and be empowered. A society where children have their rights to Provision (standard living, health care, education, recreation...) Protection (from abuse, neclect, exploitation, discrimination...) Participation (in communities, programs, services...) and have opportunities to reach their full potential

       To Promote and Protect Professional Social Work Education and Practice
       To make women and children aware of their rights and empower them to accomplish their economical, social, cultural, civil   
         and political rights.
       To prepare the society to realize its responsibility to promote, protect and implement the rights of women and children


'To love others as we love ourselves'

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Love, Love & Love
Simplicity & Humility
Service beyond self
Respect for human rights
Public mindedness
Non-profit Integrity
Concern for the poor
Gender equity
good governance


- To promote and protect professional social work education and practice.
- To develop the communities by creating local leaders.
- Child development programmes.
- Women empowerment programmes
- All-round youth formation


   'Professional Social Work with Unconditional Love'

Legal Status
    Permanent Account Number                            :    AABTP9380K  (29/04/2011)
    Registered under Indian Trust Act - 1882     :    Regd. No. 39 / 2012
    Income Tax Act - 1961                                          :    Regd. No. under Sec. 80G DIT (E) No.2(82)/11-12 (07-12-2011 onwards)

- Blending professionalism and love.
- Aiming at holistic development by ensuring human rights.
- Attaining sustainable community development by empowering through community based programmes.

Accountability / Transparency
Prem Nivas gives greatest importance to Accountability and Transparency which are two important elements of our good governance

- Prem Nivas meets its legal obligations with regard to its audit mandate and required reporting
- Prem Nivas evaluates and follows up its own performance
- Prem Nivas reports on the regularity and the efficiency of the use of public funds, including its own actions and activities 
    and the use of its resources
- The Founder Trustee and his team can be held responsible for their actions

- Prem Nivas updates its timely and reliable public reports on its status, mandate, strategy, activities, financial management,
    operations and performance.
- Prem Nivas updates its public reports also on audit findings and conclusions.
- Prem Nivas fulfills its obligation of public access to information about Prem Nivas
                                 ' To Love Others as We Love Ourselves '
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