Sponsorship Program
We have adopted 10 children each from a few schools. These are first generation students from most deserving families. We provide them financial assitance for their educational expenses that include their annual fees, monthly fees, uniforms, shoes, shocks, tie, text books, note books, co-curricular activities, extra curricular activities etc. Apart from these we train the students every day for an hour in skills for life.

The goal of the Program
        a.    To encourage and bring out the best of the first generation students
        b.    To give skill based all-round education and formation.
        c.    To instil in them high moral values
        d.    To cultivate in them the leadership qualities and
        e.    To give awareness of education to the uneducated parents

Implementing Strategy

After the regular classes are over a snacks break (snacks provided by Prem Nivas) will be given to the students. Then the Trainer will engage the students for an hour of different interesting activities prescribed in the syllabus for special secession. Separate file for each student will be maintained. Monthly report of each student of both academic and non-academic performance will be prepared. Balance sheet of each month will be prepared. Parents meeting will be conducted quarterly. Improvement will be ensured. A school staff will be the Animator to monitor the day to day activities and animate the group. The Coordinator will organise the programs and check the registers and files on weekly basis. The Project Manager will manage the whole project and visit it once the month.

Expected results

- Many less fortunate children would get all-round formation
- Their parents will be given awareness on education
- Local people will learn to support the project partially
- One Tutor would be employed and motivated to involve in social work

Educational Loan Program

        Prem Nivas gives small educational loans to poor students without interest.

Educational Term Deposits.
      Prem Nivas donated term deposits of Rs.25000 each for the education, to
      two children who suddenly lost their mother

Green India Programe
       Prem Nivas Involved NCC Students of Mar Gregorios College to Plant
      Trees in and around the college campus.
Project Manager (Fr. John Peter, Founder & Managing Trustee)
Coordinator (Chairman / Principal)
Animator (A school staff)
Tutor (Prem Nivas staff)
                                 ' To Love Others as We Love Ourselves '
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